Free Range Turkeys

Ferryhill Farms rear bronze and white turkeys on grass for Christmas every year.

All our turkeys are free range, and are brooded under heat for the first 4 weeks. They are then gradually introduced to the outside world until they reach the point where they spend all of their daylight hours on pasture and are shut into straw bedded housing overnight which gives protection against predators.

As well as what they can forage out on the rich pastures of Ferryhill, they're fed on a complete ration of cereals, natural oils and protein crops. They are a slow growing breed, maturing naturally after 6 months or so.

The turkeys get to forage throughout the fields throughout their time at Ferryhill Farms.

All turkeys are sold oven ready with giblets, in a box.

Delivery Available.




Bone and Rolled Service Available - €15

This is the whole Turkey taken off the bone and rolled and tied into a nice joint and filled with homemade stuffing – it contains the white breast meat as well as the darker leg meat.


Difference between Bronze and White Turkeys

  • The bronze turkey is a traditional breed of turkey.
    They are distinctive by their black feathers.
    The Bronze turkey being an older breed, is naturally slower growing and the meat has an intense flavor.
  • The white turkey is a generally larger turkey and has a larger slice of meat.
    They have a more subtle yet still delicious flavor.


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